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Preventive And Scheduled Maintenance

Preventive And Scheduled Maintenance

We want to be a trusted partner for companies. Indeed, we can provide ordinary and special maintenance and various kinds of industrial plant overhauls, applying the correct installation with innovative measuring tools.

We work in synergy with the Company’s technicians and develop action plans aimed at streamlining time and costs. Our renowned flexibility and the availability of our own equipment enable us to perform the required tasks with precision.

In addition to ordinary and special maintenance, we are experts in mechanical and plant assembly.

  • INDUSTRIAL PLANTS Industrial plant maintenance and overhaul.
  • INNOVATIVE TOOLS Innovative measuring tools such as laser aligners.
  • WELL-EQUIPPED WORKSHOP A well-equipped workshop for plant overhauls.
  • QUALIFIED TECHNICIANS With various courses run directly at our offices.


Labour provided directly at companies’ premises with specialised technical Staff:

– Mechanics (fitters/maintenance engineers)
– Welders
– Welding carpenters
– Carpenters
– Electricians, plant installers and maintenance engineers
– Electrical technicians and on-board wirers
– Industrial pipe fitters
– Traditional and CNC turners
– Painters
– General workers