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Documentation and Training

Documentation and Training

Legal Documentation And Certification

To ensure workplace safety for our client companies, we work in accordance with legal regulations, having obtained all workplace safety documentation: basic training courses and high risk training courses, workplace medical examinations, DURC (Certificate of Social Security Compliance), technical/professional fit and proper tests, OSP (Operational Safety Plan), DUVRI (Single Interference Risk Assessment Document) and various other documentation.
Our staff are highly qualified and use suitable equipment and clothing that complies with safety standards.
We have our own equipment, such as toolboxes, tool trolleys, portable and trolley welding machinery, grinders and drills. We wear clothing compliant with accident prevention regulations, including all personal protective equipment, when required for specific jobs.

Lifelong Training

Here are a few examples of the lifelong training courses we offer our employees:
– workplace health and safety training (pursuant to Article 37 of Legislative Decree No. 81/08 and subsequent modifications)
– first aid and handling emergencies
– fire prevention
– supervision
– working in confined spaces/environments
– how to use a forklift truck
– how to use overhead cranes
– how to use mobile and tower cranes
– how to use mobile scaffold towers
– how to operate aerial and lifting platforms with or without stabilisers, using category III PPE when working at heights
– welder certification