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About Us

About Us

The CONSORZIO CIEMME PARMA has been working in the Mechanical Assembly and Overhaul sectors for food and non-food lines for over 15 years, as well as in Maintenance for all sorts of industrial plants carried out by our qualified staff.

Our CONSORZIO was founded to satisfy an increasingly demanding market with an ever greater focus on plant management in the Mechanical and Electrical sector.

We use a technical office, a partner who helps us design and develop mechanical drawings and carpentry (walkways, stairs, conveyor belts, hoppers, etc).

We have a workforce of about 250 people, including design mechanical fitters, maintenance engineers, wire, TIG and electrode welders, design welding carpenters, and industrial pipe fitters. We also have traditional and CNC machine tool operators, industrial electricians, control panel and on-board machinery wirers, along with general workers for goods handling, wrapping and packaging, as well as liquid and powder painters.

We have third-party and employers’ civil liability insurance coverage for up to €5,000,000.00.

All our staff receive specific training and work with equipment that complies with existing legislation (forklifts, overhead cranes, lifting platforms, etc).