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Plant Assembly In Italy, Europe And Abroad:

  The CONSORZIO CIEMME PARMA operates in Italy and abroad. We work according to day and night shift patterns, all...

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Preventive And Scheduled Maintenance

We want to be a trusted partner for companies. Indeed, we can provide ordinary and special maintenance and various kinds...

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Documentation and Training

Legal Documentation And Certification To ensure workplace safety for our client companies, we work in accordance with legal regulations, having...

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Workshop And Equipment

Well-Equipped In-House Mechanical Workshop Our years of experience here at CONSORZIO CIEMME PARMA mean we have built up a well-equipped...

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The CONSORZIO CIEMME PARMA has been working in the Mechanical Assembly and Overhaul sectors for food and non-food lines for over 15 years, as well as in Maintenance for all sorts of industrial plants carried out by our qualified staff.

Our CONSORZIO was founded to satisfy an increasingly demanding market with an ever greater focus on plant management in the Mechanical and Electrical sector.